disfigured: burn scars

Io ci sono
Grey’s Anatomy
‘Unbreak …’
Maps to the Stars
La piel que habito
Trap for Cinderella
Maison close
Case 39
Det Som Ingen Ved
Nip/Tuck: Rachel Ben Natan
‘Right to Die’
Home Sweet Home
Silent Witness
‘Body 21’
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
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Disfiguring makeups: Burn scars

The scarring depicted here is where a movie or TV character has suffered facial burns whether through a fire (eg Schöne Lügen & Silent Witness) or through an acid attack (eg Lie to Me & Batman).

Some roles with a lot of cinematic history behind them are: the disfigured victim; the scarred and vengeful villainess; and the heroine who is almost miraculously transformed into a beauty (often with disturbing side-effects). And, of course, the more beautiful the actress behind the makeup the more shocking the transformation.

Skinema is an unusual and interesting website by a dermatologist interested in both the portrayal of skin disorders in the movies and in the real-life skin conditions of actors. It includes a useful (but not comprehensive) listing of realistic depictations of skin disorders in the movies.