hairless: various chemotherapy makeups

Various chemotherapy makeups

Featuring actresses who have played characters suffering hairloss as a result of chemotherapy.

There is a mixture of the appearance of hairloss being achieved through makeup and bald-caps (eg Elisabeth Mossin Mercy) and through actresses actually having had their heads shaved for the role (eg Llinor ap Gwynedd in Pobol y Cwm).

The movies

Mercy (2009): Elisabeth Moss guest starred as courageous cancer sufferer Lucy Morton in the episode ‘The Last Thing I Said Was’ of this short-lived TV series. Karen Reuter Fabbo was the key makeup artist

Pobol y Cwm (2005): In this long-running Welsh-language soap Gwyneth Jones (Llinor ap Gwynedd) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. When she started to lose her hair she asked her hairdresser to shave her head. Actress Llinor ap Gwynedd chose to have her head shaved rather than wear a bald-cap ‘to maintain credibility and depict things as they are in true life … [and] raise awareness about breast cancer.’ Barbara Roberts was the Makeup Designer.

Tatort (2005): In the episode ‘Wo ist Max Gravert?’ actress Bernadette Heerwagen wore a bald-cap and a thinning-hair wig to appear as cancer patient Julia. Michael Holler and Gabriele Stumpf were the makeup artists.

The Butterfly Effect (2004): Evan Treborn sees various possible realities in one of which his mother Andrea Treborn (Melora Walters) is dying of cancer. Felix Fox and Toby Lindala were the special makeup effects artists; Stan Edmonds was the key makeup artist.

Blue Heelers (1999): Young Constable Dash McKinley (Tasma Walton) underwent chemotherapy and lost her hair after after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. Tasma Walton had her head shaved for the role and reportedly couldn’t believe the big change in her appearance the first time she looked in a mirror. I havn’t been able to get hold of an image of Tasma in character hence the healthy look in the bald image: if anyone has any captures or scans of Tasma as the hairless Dash, please themakeupgallery.

Im Namen Des Gesetzes (1998): Sandra Kirsch (Gunda Ebert) was a character who had lost her hair through chemotherapy in the episode ‘Fehldiagnose’. Halise Baydar, Susanne Bergner, Peggy Epperlein & Jeanne Gröllmann were makeup artists at various times on this series but I do not know who worked on this episode: if anyone can clarify the credits, please themakeupgallery.