European Film Awards: Best Makeup & Hair

29th European Film Awards 2016

The European Film Awards, presented jointly by the European Film Academy and EFA Productions, honour the greatest achievements in European cinema.

The European Film Academy has announced that a new category of ‘European Hair & Makeup Artist’ will be introduced at the 29th European Film Awards. The recipient of the new award for hair & makeup will be determined by the special excellence awards jury, consisting of representatives of the different arts and crafts.

The first seven EFA winners, including European Hair & Make-up Artist 2016, were announced on 16 November 2016.

The European Hair & Make-up Artist 2016 award went to:
Under sandet
Stefanie Bieker.
Citation: ‘With extraordinary attention to detail, Stefanie Bieker achieves a high level of realism and at the same time an intense lyricism that the clothes breathe throughout the story. She takes extreme care to express the different characters, making each of them look like an individual, and, in doing so she surpasses the difficulty of working with the restrained palette of uniforms and the negation of individuality that they represent. The evident harmony with the other visual departments makes every frame of this movie come alive.’

The 29th European Film Awards ceremony will be held in Wrocław, Poland, on 10 Decemember 2016.