Irish Film & Television Awards: Best Makeup

Irish Film & Television Awards 2016

The Irish Film & Television Academy has announced the nominees for the 2017 Annual Irish Film & Televsion Awards (IFTAs).

The nominees for Best Make Up & Hair category are:
An Klondike
Ailbhe Fitzpatrick & Bernie McBride
Love & Friendship
Eileen Buggy & Lynn Johnson
Dee Corcoran & Tom McInerney
Wrecking the Rising
Patsy Giles.

The winners will be announced on 08 April 2017.

Previous IFTA Awards

2016 13th Annual IFTA
An Klondike
Ailbhe Fitzpatrick & Stephanie Smith.

2015 12th Annual IFTA
Tom McInerney & Dee Corcoran.

2014 11th Annual IFTA
Lynn Johnston, Lorraine Glynn & Orla Carroll.

2013 10th Annual IFTA
Ripper Street
Sharon Doyle & Eileen Buggy.

2012 9th Annual IFTA
Albert Nobbs
Lorraine Glynn & Lynn Johnston.

2011 8th Annual IFTAs
The Tudors
Tom McInerney & Dee Corcoran.

2010 7th Annual IFTAs
The Take
Lorraine Glynn & Morna Ferguson.

2009 6th Annual IFTAs
The Tudors
Sharon Doyle & Dee Corcoran.

2008 5th Annual IFTAs
The Tudors
Jennifer Hegarty & Dee Corcoran.

2007 4th Annual IFTAs
Breakfast on Pluto
Lorraine Glynn & Lynn Johnson.

2005 3rd Annual IFTAs
no award.

2004 2nd Annual IFTAs
King Arthur
Dee Corcoran & Ailbhe Lemass.

2003 1st Annual IFTAs
Linda Mooney & Carol Dunne.