various makeups: dental prosthetics

Various makeups: Dental prosthetics (fake teeth & braces)

A surprising number of actresses have worn pretty authentic-looking fake dental braces for movie roles: good for a cheap laugh.

Many other actresses have worn dental prosthetics or veneers for roles and not just as vampires. They are used alongside old-age makeup to give an aged look; with plumpers and other devices to alter the shape of the face or mouth; to create the look of damaged, uneven or missing teeth; to create gold teeth.

Besides this section the old-age, character, look-alike, horror and fantasy sections also include makeups requiring the use of prosthetic teeth.

With so much orthodonty around in the US it must be nigh on impossible to find any American actress who can portray ‘normal’ teeth without dentures or veneers: their teeth are just too even, too perfectly aligned and too white – if you don’t believe me look at some headshots of French actresses for comparison.