old-age: Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt

Jennie Gerhardt, the daughter of poverty-stricken, but hard-working parents, is employed with her mother laundering Senator Brander’s clothes. One day Brander declares his love for her and proposes. Despite her parents’ objections she accepts but is left unmarried and pregnant when he is killed in a train crash.

Thrown out by her parents she goes to live with her cousin Ada in Cincinnati. There she works as a lady's maid to Louise Kane. She begins a secret romance with Louise’s brother and eventually moves in with him when he moves to Chicago to open a new factory. But she can't tell him about her daughter who remains living with Ada.

When his parents threaten to disinherit him she tells him the truth but although he leaves her he soon returns to live with Jennie and her daughter. When Jennie discovers he has been disinherited Jennie leaves him so that he can repair his relationship with his family.

Through the years Jennie maintains a scrapbook of articles about his achievements and his marriage to a former girlfriend until he calls her to his deathbed and confesses his undying love for her.

The makeup

I have no makeup credits for this movie.