old-age: Mr. Skeffington

Mr. Skeffington

In 1914, in New York, Fanny Trellis (Bette Davis) is a shallow, selfish young woman surrounded by suitors and without any other preoccupation but her beauty. Her wastrel brother, having exhausted the family fortune, tries to defraud the Skeffington Bank. Job Skeffington falls in love with Fanny, and she marries him to save her brother from prison. Fanny’s selfishness destroys their marriage and they divorce. Many years later, when Fanny has lost her beauty – and her hair – after diphtheria, she realizes that a woman is beautiful only when she is loved.

Then in her mid-thirties, Bette played Fanny from a young woman through to haggard old-age which Fanny attempted to disguise with by heavy makeup and a wig.

The makeup

Perc Westmore was the makeup artist.