old-age: The Sentinel

The Sentinel

An emotionally fragile New York fashion model, Alison Parker (Cristina Raines), moves into an unbelievably nice Brooklyn Heights apartment, where the top floor is occupied by a blind priest.

When she complains to the real estate agent about the noise caused by her strange neighbours, she is told that the only tenants are herself and the priest.

Eventually she learns that the priest is the Sentinel who is guarding one of the gates to hell, and that that the Catholic Church, who own the building, have selected her to be his replacement.

The makeup

Dick Smith designed this makeup for the scene at the end of the movie where Alison is the new Sentinel guarding the gate to Hell but in some cuts only the backof the nun’s head was seen.

Years later Cristina Raines remembered Dick Smith when giving an interview about her acting career:

What was a treat working on that movie, aside from the craziness of the director [which she definitely didn’t find a treat], was Dick Smith, the makeup artist. What an amazing man he is, what an amazing body of work he has. He’s been a mentor to so many people in the special effects world. He was so helpful to everybody in the business, so helpful to all of these new, young artists. He had me come out to his house, where we had to do the contact lenses and the makeup and everything. That really was me at the end of the movie, in all that makeup, as the blind nun. I had to wear those false contact lenses in my eyes. I tell you what, that was pretty creepy. That was an odd experience and Dick was really sweet. He just said: ‘Don’t worry. You’re OK, you’re OK. I’m right here.’ Because I was really freaking out wearing that makeup and those contacts.