old-age: On the Black Hill

On the Black Hill

Based on Bruce Chatwin’s novel, I loved this movie in part because the setting resonated with my own memories of being brought up a ‘spear throw’ from the border – and of some of the particular locations.

Welsh hill farmer Amos Jones marries Mary (Gemma Jones) at the end of the nineteenth century and the story follows their family and especially their twin sons, Benjamin and Lewis, through to 1980. Rosie (Nicola Beddoe) may have been significant for one of the brothers if they had not been almost literally inseparable.

Gemma Jones was in her mid-forties at the time and its probably as well that the younger Mary was only seen briefly.

The makeup

Jenny Shircore was the makeup designer; Nigel Booth & Dave Elsey were responsible for the prosthetics; Bob Keen was the prosthetics consultant.