old-age: Back to the Future – Lorraine

Back to the Future – Care-worn, middle-aged Lorraine

Lea Thompson played Lorraine McFly (nee Baines) in all three Back to the Future moviesd – albeit only momentarily in the last one.

In the first movie she played a young Lorraine in 1955 and underwent a prosthetic makeup application to play two quite different present-day (1985) middle-aged Lorraines: one care-worn and gone-to-seed – as seen here – and the other happy and fit.

In the second movie of the trilogy she again appeared as two different Lorraines: the surgically-‘enhanced’, middle-aged Lorraine, unhappily married to Biff in an alternative present, and Grandma Lorraine in a possible future.

In Back to the Future Part III she appeared briefly as a young Maggie McFly in the 1885 and as the present-day happy middle-aged Lorraine.

Lea Thompson is only ten days older than Michael J Fox who played her son in the trilogy.

The makeup

Ken Chase created the makeup for both Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. Michael Mills & Kenny Myers were credited for makeup application for Part II and as the key makeup artists for Part III.

According to the transcript of one interview, Lea Thompson was not enamoured of the makeup experience:

It was pretty horrible, especially in the first movie, because the makeup artist wasn’t the nicest guy in the first movie: he would sometimes send me home with the makeup on, so I could take it off! But I was so young, and I didn’t know that was something really tacky to do! I mean, that makeup is glued on your face, you need a professional to get it off! It hurts! So that was pretty bad. The worst time I had was the ‘Tales from the Crypt’ that I did while we were shooting the eighty-year-old Lorraine makeup in ‘Back to the Future Part II’, I had to do prosthetic makeup for the ‘Tales from the Crypt’ and ‘Back to the Future Part II’ at the same time. So my face was really terrible. It hurts a lot! The young Lorraine in the first movie was a great character. But then I also loved – it’s nobody else’s favourite but my own – I loved the character in ‘Back to the Future Part II’ with the big boobs. She was so hilarious to me! I just laugh every time I see that!

I have to comment in relation to that quotation that I have only seen the transcript online so I can not validate its accuracy, nor do I have any idea to which makeup artist she may have been referring. As to the allegation itself, I find it difficult to believe that any makeup artist would send an actress home to remove her own prosthetic makeup – never mind the etiquette or the ethics, just think of the potential lawsuit.