Old-age: Captain America

Captain America

Captain America is a sort of relic …a leftover from the bad old days, when comic-book readers felt disrespected by Hollywood, and Marvel and DC source material was treated as if it were as crummy and disposable as the paper on which the comic books were printed.

And the image quality is pretty crappy too.

Steve Rogers, unfit to serve in World War II, volunteers for ‘Project Rebirth’ and becomes super-soldier Captain America. He saves America but ends up frozen in the Alaskan ice for fifty years.

Meanwhile his girlfriend, Bernice (Kim Gillingham) has married, had a daughter Sharon (also Kim Gillingham) and is well into her sixties when Steve shows up again.

The makeup

Greg Cannom was responsible for the special effects makeup; Mitch Devane, Earl Ellis & Shaun Smith were part of the special makeup effects crew.