old-age: movies & TV of the early 1990s

Various old-age makeups from the early 1990s

This page features various female old-age makeups from movies and TV shows of the early 1990s.

The movies

Death Becomes Her (1992): After Mousey Ernest managed to escape from the clutches of the demanding undead Helen & Madeline he found redemption and happiness in a worthwhile life and a new wife (Tracey Ullman) but this storyline was cut from the movie except for the eulogy at his funeral. Dick Smith was credited with makeup design and Kevin Haney was prosthetics makeup supervisor for the movie; Lance Anderson was credited for Goldie’s fat prosthetics; Jeff Farley was the prosthetics lab supervisor.

Late for Dinner (1991): Joy Husband (Marcia Gay Harden) looks surprised, as well she might, when her husband turns up after being cryogenically frozen for thirty years. Steve LaPorte was key makeup artist; Edouard F Henriques was makeup artist.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): An alternate future coda featured an elderly Sarah (Linda Hamilton) and John as a US senator. Although makeup tests were done I’m not sure if the scene was ever filmed. Stan Winston was responsible for special makeup; Jeff Dawn was the key makeup artist.

Hook (1991): A Spielberg misfire where Peter Pan has grown up to be a cut-throat lawyer married to Wendy’s granddaughter. Maggie Smith was fifty-seven when she played the eighty-something Granny Wendy. Christina Smith was the makeup supervisor; Monty Westmore & Adelbert Acevedo were the assistant makeup supervisors; Ve Neill was the makeup artist to Julia Roberts; the special makeup was created by Greg Cannom.