updated: 28/05/2009

old-age: Breast Men

Was this meant to be a comedy, a biopic or social commentary? I don’t think the director knew – or if he did he didn’t share it with – and it shows. As Roy Knyrim of SOTA FX comments, ‘there are a lot of conflicting stories about what went wrong on this production: the one certainty is that, as Brian Penikas described it, “troubled” was an understatement on that show.’ Anyway, the first time I looked at it I dismissed it as trash and overlooked this subtle middle-age prosthetic makeup for Laura Pierson (Emily Procter). Emily said in one interview that: ‘I think I was in makeup about hours hours.’ Emily also got a breast enhancement during the course of the movie.

IMDb credits Roy Knyrim, Jerry Macaluso, and Scott Tebeau for special makeup effects but Roy Knyrim told me that SOTA did not design or apply Emily Procter’s makeup seen here though they did design and apply David Schwimmer’s age makeup. After production started Gordon Smith and Ashlee Petersen (key makeup artist) were brought onboard: Gordon Smith in turn brought in Brian Penikas (who created the breast disfigurement makeups); Mary Kay Witt also worked on the breast enhancement and disfigurement makeups. I’m still not sure who was responsible for designing or applying this makeup but I liked it.