updated: 28/11/2007

old-age: Oldest … Confederate Widow

Decades after the Civil War, schoolgirl Lucy Honicut (Diane Lane) marries middle-aged Civil war veteran captain Marsden and evenually becomes the eponymous Oldest Living Confederate Widow.

Diane Lane played Lucy Marsden from fourteen to sixty-one in flashbacks as the present day 100-year-old Lucy (Anne Bancroft) recalled her life. Cicely Tyson (playing Captain Marsden’s servant, the ex-slave Castralia) and was also subjected to prosthetic ageing process: yet again.

Steve Johnson’s XFX (later Edge FX) was responsible for the prosthetic makeup; the team included Steve Johnson, Lennie MacDonald, Andy Schoneberg, Bill Corso and Chris Nelson. I’m grateful to Andy Schoneberg for the following information about the makeups:

I have very fond memories of applying and sculpting those makeups at Steve’s studio. Steve Johnson, Lennie MacDonald and I applied the makeup for Ann Bancroft, and Steve and I applied the makeup on Diane Lane. Anne was 61 at the time, and Diane was 27. She had JUST had her son a few months before the start of filming, but was in great shape. I’ve never had so much fun as we had applying Anne’s makeup. Ann’s required a bald cap. a forehead appliance, a neck appliance, earlobes, a hump and stipple over her lower face. A wig was applied, and Steve hand-laid the eyebrows for each of the 6 days we applied the makeup.

Diane’s makeup was more challenging. there were 7 appliances for Diane’s makeup; upper lip, lower lip, nasolabials with jowls, eye bags and a neck wattle. They all had to be carefully blended into her skin. When we lifecast Diane, her mother came to the studio with her. Steve asked if we could also lifecast her, since she was the same age as the character that Diane was playing. We were able to refer to that cast to design Diane’s appliances and to take donor texture pieces from. Steve and I applied Diane’s prosthetics and did a base-tone with skin breakup, then turned her over to the regular makeup department for her beauty makeup. We had some issues with the final color on the makeup, but overall, I was pleased with the work we did.

The makeup on Cicely Tyson was sculpted by me, and applied by Bill Corso and Chris Nelson.