updated: 17/03/2008

old-age: Children of the Revolution

A wonderful black comedy. In the late 1940s Joan Fraser (Judy Davis) dreamt of nothing but a workers’ revolution, and when not campaigning for the Party spent her time writing to Josef Stalin. Her efforts did not go unnoticed; she was invited to the Kremlin where she ended up sleeping with both a double agent and Uncle Joe himself – the effort proving too much for the latter. She returns to Australia pregnant but unsure of the paternity. Forty years later her son brings Australia to the brink of revolution, but perhaps he has more in common with Stalin than with an idealistic young revolutionary. Judy Davis – aged forty when this movie was filmed – won both the Australian Film Institute Best Actress Award and the Film Critics Circle of Australia Best Actress Award for the movie.

Nick Dorning, Wendy Sainsbury, Kirsten Veysey and Anne-Maree Hurley were credited for prosthetic makeup.