updated: 20/03/2008

old-age: Zoya

Zoya (Melissa Gilbert) escapes from the turmoil of the Russian Revolution as a young girl. After the usual ups and downs of life in a mini-series, she revisits Russia with her granddaughter after the fall of Communism.

Marvin Westmore produced a whole series of makeups for Melissa (and other characters) as she aged from 1917 through to the time of Glasnost. taking her age down from thirty to school-girl and then up to an aged grandmother. The makeup was generally excellent but faced a couple of insurmountable problems at either end of Zoya’s age range: at thirty Melissa was beyond the point were she could be convincingly aged-down to play a teenager; when she returns to Russia with her granddaughter it was at least seventy years after she left in 1917 meaning that Zoya must have been in her mid to late eighties – she just does not look that old.