old-age: Blast from the Past – the makeup

Blast from the Past

An eccentric scientist thinks that a nuclear war between the USA and the Soviet Union is inevitable and builds a deluxe bomb shelter in his basement. In 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis he and his pregnant wife Helen (Sissy Spacek) take refuge there; unfortunately, a plane crashes into their house activating the shelter’s timelocks – set not to open for thirty-five years.

Their son is born and grows up in isolated time-warp – meanwhile above ground life goes on and Mom (Dale Raoul) opens a soda bar. Then, in 1997, the timelocks open …

Helen was supposed to be a housewife in her late twenties at the start of the film ageing to her early sixties by the end. Sissy Spacek was already aged fifty.

The makeup

Ben Nye Jr was the makeup design department head; Matthew W Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) was credited for the special ageing makeup; Heidi Seeholzer was the key makeup artist. Sissy Spacek and Dale Raoul wore wraparound gelatine prosthetic appliances to play the older Helen and Mom; Sissy also had stippling on the neck and around the eyes and Dale had gelatine eyebags.