updated: 18/11/2002

old-age: Les Âmes fortes

Les Âmes fortes is also known by the English title Savage Souls.

The story of a lifetime is etched in the course of a single night as a group of women hold a vigil in 1945: Thérèse (Laetitia Casta), the eldest of the women, had eloped with her lover some 60 years earlier.

Neill Gorton had the unenviable task of transforming France’s national symbol of beauty into a woman in her eighties. He supplied the colour images of the aged Thérèse from a test makeup session – these images are not the final makeup from the movie:

The wig was just a stock one as the proper one wasn’t finished so it’s not so hot and Laetitia isn’t wearing her contact lenses because they weren’t ready either (we only had about 10 days to pull this all together!).

I am not sure of the provence of the makeup process images. Possibly they came from the French Premiere which ran a centre-spread on the makeup: if anyone can supply good scans from Premiere please email themakeupgallery. The before images of Laetitia come from La Bicyclette bleue which was released a year before Les Âmes fortes.