old-age: Blow


Ermine Jung (Rachel Griffiths) plays the horrible mother of a horrible son: she has little screen time but she is clearly meant to be important to the development of George Jung’s (Johnny Depp) character. Unfortunately, they’re both so vile I couldn’t work up any concern about either.

The most interesting feature of the movie is that Rachel is a few years younger than Johnny Depp who played her son – I guess because she was required to play a couple of scenes with George as a child.

Unfortunately Rachel is only seen in one closeup in the whole movie (other than in the deliberately washed-out, grainy ‘home-movie effect’ interview among the extras on the DVD).

The makeup

Whitney James was makeup department head on the movie with Desne J Holland and Jamie Kelman as key makeup artists: Kevin Yagher designed and created Johnny Depp’s makeup and it was applied by Ve Neill. Whitney James confirmed to me that:

I designed the old-age makeup of Rachel Griffiths and it was applied by Desne Holland. I also designed and applied Ray Liotta's straight make-up, which includes the old age makeup.