Old-age: Deuxième vie

Deuxième vie

In 1982 Vincent is engaged to Laurie (Maria de Medeiros), the woman of his dreams. But then he has a really bad day; his new shoes pinch, Germany beats France in the semi-finals of the World Cup; everything is going wrong. When he gets into his Renault 5 it goes from bad to worse; he crashes and staggers from a Mercedes in 1998, discovering that he is married to the shop assistant who sold him the ill-fitting shoes. What’s happened; who has he become; and why has Laurie disappeared?

When he discovers that he has become the very sort of person who he has always hated there appears to be only one solution – to use his new power and wealth to find a way back to 1982.

The makeup

Magali Ceyrat was the key makeup artist; Dominique Colladant, Benoît Lestang & Emmanuel Pitois were the special effects makeup designers.