updated: 03/07/2003

old-age: Doctor Sleep

It’s usually a bad sign when a movie has multiple titles; and this one has also been released in various countries under at least three titles: Hypnotic, Doctor Sleep and Close Your Eyes.

Professor Catherine Lebourg (Fiona Shaw) appears to be a frail resident of an old people’s home but she harbours ambitions to cheat death: such ambitions usually involve other people’s blood.

Fiona Shaw is ‘often acclaimed as one of our finest classical actresses’ with a string of stunning theatrical performances (often as high-octane, high-maintenance tragic heroines) to her credit, but many of her movie performances have been over-wrought if not down-right hammy. She’s probably most recognisable as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies.

Neill Gorton was responsible for this magnificant looking makeup and I am grateful to him for supplying and allowing me to use the two large images above.