updated: 12/01/2005

old-age: Aimée Price

In this movie produced by White Swan Films, the young Aimée Price (Anastasia Drake) meets a mysterious antiquarian and exchanges one year of her youth for a life of happiness: the very next day her husband dies and she inherits all his wealth. Twenty-five years later she falls head over heels for an extremely talented, albeit seemingly shallow and self-absorbed, painter much younger than herself. Convinced that only youth and beauty can attract the artist, Aimée goes back to the antiquarian and demands her twenty-fourth year back. The antiquarian agrees but not without a price.

The older Aimée’s makeup consisted of gelatine cheeks, nose and neck and age stipple around the eyes. It was designed by Barney Burman (Proteus FX) and applied by him and Liz Koscis, described by Barney as ‘a very talented new artist’: I guess he must be right as she won the Star Trek Alien makeup contest at the 2004 International Makeup Artist Trade Show.

I am grateful to Barney Burman for the information on the makeup and to Anastasia Drake (who not only stars in this movie but also co-wrote and executive produced it) for the images and other information on the movie.

This movie was on the festival circuit in 2005.