updated: 16/11/2006

old-age: Falling

Writer Daisy Langrish buys a country cottage and Henry Kent, a very nice man, offers to take care of her overgrown garden: but all is not as it seems. Eventually, even Daisy becomes suspicious, and starts investigating his past relationships including his first-love Daphne (Alexandra Moen). Lady Carteret (Joanna David), Daphne’s mother, tells a very different tale.

Henry Kent’s young Daphne is seen in many flashbacks but the middle-aged Daphne is seen in only one brief scene when she answers the door to Daisy.

Carol Churchill was makeup designer; Sjaan Gillings was makeup supervisor; prosthetics by HybridFX. The old age makeup on Joanna David was created entirely by Carol Churchill and Sjaan Gillings apart from her arthritic hands which were created by Mike Stringer of HybridFX. The old-age make up on Alexandra Moen was by Mike Stringer (prosthetic fabrication and application) and Mark Kilburn (sculpture and colouring).