updated: 18/07/2009

old-age: Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe

Variety suggested retitling this ‘plush romantic fantasia’ Orpheus: The Travel Brochure. Mimi, a composer, finds his muse – and love at first sight – upon meeting forlorn opera-singer-in-training Venus Morgenstern (Alexandra Maria Lara). But seven years later while his perfectionism and choice of bathetic songs have made the pitch-impaired Venus an improbable pop sensation, they have also lead to a very public explosion of artistic and emotional differences. Venus continues her career with a new manager-boyfriend; her stage performance eventually becoming eerily reminiscent of Dietrich’s final performances. Meanwhile Mimi wallows in self-pity and gradually descends into despair; eventually traveling to a friend’s beautiful Greek holiday villa to commit suicide. Venus tracks him there, and discovering the house has a gateway to the Underworld sets out to reclaim her beloved; I confess that by this point I had both lost the ability to follow the plot or care why she followed him – trying to follow it in German probably didn’t help.

Lena Lazzarotto & Jekaterina Oertel were the makeup artists; Connie Oettl was credited as the special makeup effects artist & Birger Laube for special makeup consulting, but from the credits this appears to have been for the Hermes makeup.