old-age: Desperate Housewives ‘If …’

Desperate Housewives ‘If …’

The title says it all really: that trusty old trope where a traumatic event – in this case a plane crashing into Wisteria Lane – causes various characters to reflect on what might have been had they made different life-choices. Carlos reflects on how Gaby would be as an over-protective mom; Lynette thinks about a future with her unborn twins; Susan contemplates a life with Karl as an overweight unhappy housewife had she not left him.

In Celia’s hospital room Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker) says she thinks God saved Celia because she has a special gift; she doesn’t not what it will be yet she’s sure it will amazing. Gaby falls asleep and dreams of what Celia's amazing life will be. Gaby decides she's meant to be an actress even though she displays no talent for it. She pushes her for years to auditions causing a break-up with Carlos. Eventually a grey-haired Gaby is seen living in a dilapidated house – think Grey Gardens – endlessly watching Celia’s only successful job from when she was a child. When a twenty-five year old Celia stands up for herself and says she doesn't want to be an actress, Gaby says she has to since she doesn’t want her life to have been for nothing. Gaby wakes up in the hospital …

Meanwhile Lynette has a tear in her placenta – one baby is fine but the other is at risk developmentally if they don’t operate. Lynette imagines a life with a disabled child; after many difficult years she proudly watches him graduate from law school and pay tribute to her. She comes round from the surgery …

The makeup

John M Elliott Jr was the head of the makeup department; Matthew Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) was responsible for the special makeup effects. I understand that Koji Ohmura worked on the makeups though uncredited.