Old-age: All Good Things

All Good Things

A hybrid movie that claims to be a part fictional account that fills in the holes of a long-unsolved mystery and part researched docudrama that claims to point to the truth.

Robert Durst is a member of the family that redeveloped Times Square. After a whirlwind romance  he married Kathleen McCormack, a nineteen year-old dental hygienist, and moved to Vermont, where they opened a health-food store, All Good Things. But he was pressured to return to New York to join the family business. In 1982 Kathleen disappeared one night after a fight at the couple’s weekend home; Robert did not report her missing for four days and told police that she had taken the train home to their West Side apartment. Police reopened the criminal investigation in 2000 and shortly after Durst’s long-time friend, Susan Berman, who was believed to have knowledge of McCormack’s disappearance, was found murdered in her home in California. Durst was questioned in both cases but not charged. In 2001 he moved to Texas where he was later charged with murdering a neighbour; he was acquitted of the murder but admitted dismembering the body.

In the movie the Deborah Lehrman (Lily Rabe) is seen disguising herself to assist David Marks with the disappearance of his wife Katie. Years later, impoverished and living in California she is murdered before she can be questioned when the case is reopened.

The makeup

Judy Chin was the makeup department head; Marjorie Durand was the key makeup artist; Mike Marino was the prosthetic makeup designer; Paul Komoda was the key prosthetics artist.

This was one of those makeups that wasn’t done justice on-screen; the middle-aged Deborah is only seen in close-up in her dimly lit house.