old-age makeups: Halvbroren


Halvbroren (The Half Brother) revolves around the life of a family from the end of World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

It opens on VE-Day 1945 when twenty-year-old Vera (Mariann Hole), is hoping to celebrate the end of World War II with her mother, Edith (Janne Kokkin), and her grandmother. Instead she is brutally raped by an unknown assailant.

From that crime is born a boy named Fred, a misfit who later becomes a boxer. Barnum – Vera’s other son born several years later – and Fred form a bizarre but special relationship.The boys grow up together in Oslo: Barnum with his father, Fred searching for his.

The story ends as the Berlin Wall is being dismantled in 1990.

The makeup

These makeups were created by Love Larson and Eva von Bahr (The Makeup Designers).

Love Larson described the makeups:

It (Vera’s makeup] consists of seven silicone-gel-filled appliances: one neck, two upper eyelids, two eyebags with partial cheekbones and two nasolabial folds. Her forehead, nose, upper lip and chin were made by using a bit of old age stipple. The rest is just paint and a rental wig that we folded in the front to be able to use her own hairline with a little hair white. I sculpted all the pieces and applied them to the actress. Eva von Bahr, the department head and also my wife, assisted with the application. She also dressed the wig and attached it. The paint job were done by both of us after I had blended all the appliance edges.

This makeup [Edith’s] wasn’t made by me but by my wife Eva von Bahr. It’s old age stipple, a wig and a lot of paint work.

I’m grateful to Love Larson for these images.