old-age: Any Human Heart

Any Human Heart

In France retired Novelist Logan Mountstuart looks back on his life from 1920s Paris to 1980s London – by way of Spain during the Civil War, a Swiss prison cell and 1950s New York – and the people he has known (including Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming, Baader-Meinhof gang, and the Duchess of Windsor).

Along the way he had had three wives and numberous lovers including: a short unsuccessful marriage to the aristocratic Lottie (Emerald Fennell), who he married in the 1920s and who is seen again at the funeral of their son in the 1950s; his third wife Allanah (Natasha Little) who leaves him for another man; the seductive socialite Gloria (Kim Cattrall) with whom he has an affair and who later spends her last days with him in a basement flat.

The makeup

Karen Hartley-Thomas was the makeup & hair designer; Lois McIntosh was the makeup & hair supervisor; Neill Gorton (MillenniumFX) was the special makeup effects designer.