old-age: The Lois Wilson Story

The movie

When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story tells the story of Lois Wilson (Winona Ryder). In 1914 Lois Burnham met and fell in love with Bill Wilson and married him when he returned from the War. Despite his increasing reliance on alcohol she showered him with love and support but it was not until 1934 that Bill finally managed to get and stay sober – not through her help but from the support of fellow alcoholics and Dr Bob Smith. Bill and Dr Bob attained lasting sobriety and co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous but Lois felt increasingly ignored and she soon discovered she was not alone in her isolation and anger. Thus was born Al-Anon, which she co-founded in 1951.

The makeup

Linda Preston was the makeup department head; Alessondra Bastianoni was the key makeup artist.

Linda Preston told me: ‘Winona and Barry [Bill Wilson] were aged from early twentiess through to mid-sixties. We had only three hours to complete the look, it was done without prosthetics … I was very proud of that show, given the lack of time, budget and resources. Winona and Barry were very happy will the final result.’

I’m grateful to Linda for the images of Winona as the aged Lois.