old-age: Plötzlich 70!

Plötzlich 70!

Melanie Müller (Yvonne Catterfeld) is a workaholic young designer with a long-suffering partner. When she cans a long-planned holiday to Bali for the opportunity of a lifetime, creating a collection for a new client, it’s the last straw.

Stressed out, she visits an an Asian massage parlour where she ends up spilling her troubles to the Thai masseuse. The Masseuse is convinced that Melanie should slow down and regain some perspective on her life and what really matters – and has her own magic to ensure it happens.

The following morning Melanie wakes up looking and feeling seventy…

The makeup

Eva Maletz & Nicole Durovic were the makeup artists. Tamar Aviv & Jörn Seifert of Twilight Creations were responsible for Yvonne’s transformation.

Yvonne talked about the four-hour makeup process, saying ‘there was not really much left of me but my eyes and my bottom lip’:

I sat four hours every day in the mask and the side could do nothing else I had to keep quiet all the time, to be painted like a porcelain doll and stuck I had three incredibly cute and funny artist who continuously and simultaneously busy with my face were it was previously set when I was allowed to eat – but only a little liquid through a straw, we had a lot of fun, but sometimes I was alone on the screen time already tired even before fiming started. After the end of shooting we needed at least an hour to remove the mask, usually painfully. The mask was different every day, there was almost always a small problem area and it was very exciting to perceive small daily differences.