Old-age makeups: The Christmas Tango

The Christmas Tango

The Christmas Tango (To tango ton Hristougennon) is based on the novel by Yannis Xanthoulis.

An unexpected meeting between the sixty-five-year-old Lazaros Lazarou and a young man, on Christmas daybrings back hidden memories from 1970 when a sensual tango at a Christmas celebration at an army camp in Evros was the focus for the intersection of four lives: an introverted soldier; a harsh lieutenant; a strict and very conservative colonel; and Zoi Loggou (Vicky Papadopoulou), the colonel’s wife.

Zoi Loggou’ life is sufffocating until she discovers a secret admirer in the barracks who forces one of his soldiers to teach him how to dance the tango for the Christmas party so that he can get close to Vicky and reveal his love for her.

Coming back to the present and Zoi today is aged about sixty-five about 65 and also suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The makeup

George and Roulis Alahouzos (Alahouzos FX) were responsible for Vicky Papadopoulou’s transformation. They were assisted on the age makeups by the key makeup artist Ioanna Simeonidou.

The final makeup was a four-piece silicone application with the addition of some latex stipple.

I’m grateful to the Alahouzos brothers for allowing me to use some of these images, including an unused early test makeup on Vicky (bottom right image).