old-age: Aloft


A young journalist  brings about an encounter between a falconer and his faith-healer mother, Nana Kunning (Jennifer Connelly), who abandoned him twenty years earlier.

One review said of the movie:

It’s a metaphor wrapped in an allegory inside a melodrama, but all the self-important meaning it strives for dissipates without some connection to flesh-and-blood humanity.

The makeup

Doug Morrow was the makeup designer and responsible for Jennifer Connelly’s makeup throughout the shoot; Eve Morrow was the makeup department head (2nd unit) & did Jennifer Connelly’s makeup for some 2nd unit work shot in New York.

Michael Marino  (Prosthetic Renaissance) was responsible for the special makeup. The makeup was applied by Mike Marino & Mike Fontain. As the middle-aged Nana, Jennifer Connelly wears over eleven prosthetic appliances and a wig. She also wore prosthetic dental appliances by Yoichi Art Sakamoto.

Doug Morrow explains the who-did-what:

I was responsible for Jennifer Connelly’s makeup application and maintained her on set. Mike Marino and Mike Fontaine were responsible for the amazing aging on Ms Connolly.