old-age: The Legend of Barney Thomson

The Legend of Barney Thomson

Barney Thomson is an awkward, diffident, Glasgewian barber who lives a life of desperate mediocrity until he accidentally enters the grotesque and comically absurd world of the serial killer.

He suffers slights with seething, impotent resentment until the owner’s son tells him they’re going to let him go, and promptly ends up dead on the barber’s shop floor. Barney takes the body to the flat of his sharp-tongued, bingo-loving harridan of a mother (Emma Thompson), who’s away for the weekend. It’s not a stupid move; she proves unexpectedly helpful with his problem, even going so far as to dismember the body and placing the parts in her freezer. However, when Barney prepares to cut up his second victim he is astonished to find that there are at least three dismembered hands in the freezer …

Emms Thompson is only a two years older than Robert Carlyle who plays her son.

The makeup

Rebecca Lee was the makeup designer; Nicole Stafford was the key makeup artist.

Mark Coulier (Coulier Creatures) was the prosthetic makeup designer; Stephen Murphy was the key prosthetic makeup artist; David Malinowski was the prosthetic makeup artist; Duncan Jarman was the prosthetics sculptor; Chris Lyons (FangsFX) was responsible for the special effects teeth.