old-age: Wonderstruck


The story of a young boy in the Midwest is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in New York from fifty years ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection.

In 1927, the deaf Rose runs away to New York in search of her mother Lillian Mayhew (Julianne Moore), a famous silent screen actress.

In 1977 Ben lose his hearing in a freak accident only a week after his mother dies. With only a faint clue found in an antique book in his mother’s bedroom, he runs away to search for his unknown father in New York City. In a New York bookshop he meets the older Rose (Julianne Moore) who recognises the book.

The makeup

Patricia Regan was the makeup department head; Claus Lulla was the key makeup artist; Susan Reilly LeHane was the makeup artist (Julianne Moore).

Michael Maddi was responsible for the prosthetic makeup effects for Julianne Moore: her makeup included neck, nose and eye prosthetics which Michael Maddi had to base on an old lifecast as he did not have the opportunity to make a new lifecast.