old-age: various Asian characters

Various Asian characters

This page features ageing makeups from movies and TV dramas applied to various Asian characters.

The movies & TV shows

The Foreigner (2018): There is no apparent reason why the filmmakers cast an actress in her forties to play Lam (Tao Liu), Jackie Chan’s love interest, when the character is clearly sixtyish. Maralyn Sherman was the hair designer & makeup designer.

金大班的最后一夜 / The Last Night of Madame Chin (2009): Aged eighty, former dance hostess Madame Chin (Bingbing Fan) looks back on her life and the men in her life. No makeup credits available.

勛章 / Medal (2009): Actress Xiao Xiao ages. No makeup credits or other information available.

身份的证明 / Proof of Identity (2008): Actress Haiqiong Luo ages. No makeup credits or other information available. Haiqiong Luo also wore old-age makeup in 故梦 / Remembrance Of Dreams Past (2009).

向日葵 / Sunflower (2005): This movie tells the story of the relationship between a father and son while Chinese society undergoes huge changes during the last quarter of the twentieth century; Xiuqing (Joan Chen) is the mother. No makeup credits available.