Old-age: Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth

Joan Chen has appeared in a wide variety of films from high prestige movies like The Last Emperor to tacky cheap science-fiction movies; not to mention stopping along the way for a memorable role in Twin Peaks and continuing to appear in – and direct – Chinese-language movies like Temptation of a Monk. In Oliver Stone’s Heaven & Earth she had a comparatively small role as Mama, a Vietamese peasant woman, in which she aged for the final reunion scenes with her daughter: she was aged around thirty-one when this movie was filmed.

The makeup

Greg Cannom was responsible for special makeup: Matthew W Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) was key makeup artist and responsible for special makeup applications; Mitch Devane, Matt Falls, John Logan, Larry Odien, Steve Prouty, & Todd Tucker were special makeup assistants; John E Jackson was makeup artist; Keith VanderLaan was makeup effects artist.

The makeup process images are very poor quality: they were donated as a second generation VHS clip. If anyone can supply better images of the makeup application, please email themakeupgallery.