Old-age: The Lingering

The Lingering

There are a lot of things that don’t make sense in The Lingering but the main thing is why it is packaged as a horror film but it isn’t really.

Dawa is a young boy who lives with his mother Qingyi (Athena Chu) in the Hong Kong countryside. It is Chinese New Year and they are waiting for Dawa’s father to return from the city but as the evening drags on with no sign of him, strange occurrences begin to transpire in the house.

Thirty years later, Daw is a successful chef and restaurateur, living in the city with his girlfriend, when he receives a phone call stating that his mother was found dead in a local pond. He returns home but he can only identify her bloated body from her bracelet. He returns to the family home to sort her papers but becomes convinced the place is haunted.

Then his girlfriend appears with his mother who had apparently been in hospital with dementia, and the movie ends with the three of them living back in the house. 

Athena Chu said:

She is a strong woman, because despite all the strange things that happens in the house, she still makes sure to protect her son and family. This film is not only a horror film, but a horror film that is packaged to be about a mother’s love.

The makeup

Ryan Wing Li designed & sculpted the prosthetic makeup; makeup application was by Ryan Wing Li, Gary Chan, & Alex Yiu.