old-age: Remembrance Of Dreams Past

Remembrance Of Dreams Past

This Chinese production follows the life of Lu Tianen from his birth into a prominent royal household in Beijing in 1904 through to 1999, taking in the people and seismic events that he encountered.

Haiqiong Luo plays a woman from a very different background who marries him in the 1920s but the marriage is unsuccessful and she leaves him to study and becomes a writer.

Haiqiong Luo had also worn old-age makeup 身份的证明 / Proof of Identity in the previous year.

The makeup

If anyone can provide details of the makeup credits, please email themakeupgallery.

I understand that in these final scences Haiqiong Luo’s makeup was intended to include prosthetics for her hands but there was a last minute change of plan (problem?) in the way the scene was shot.