updated: 09/12/2008

old-age: various movies

This page features ageing makeups from movies and TV dramas applied to various black actresses.

Epic Movie: Four troubled orphans – Edward, Peter, Lucy (Jayma Mays) and Susan (Faune Chambers) – from four separate movie scenarios receive golden tickets and go on an ‘epic adventure’. Escaping from a very scary Willy Wonka, they discover the magical world of Gnarnia (silent ‘G’) where – with the help of a randy lion, a hoard of mutants, students of witchcraft and wizardry, funky swash-buckling pirates, and a mischievous beaver – they defeat the evil white bitch! Then they rule Gnarnia happily until, in their old-age, they find the way back through the wardrobe. Douglas Noe was makeup department head; Matthew W Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) was responsible for prosthetic design and application. Unfortunately, as with many makeup intense movies, I am unable to credit which of the many makeup artists working on the movie worked on these particular makeups: if anyone can clarify who was responsible for these makeups, please themakeupgallery.

House of D: A young woman (Erykah Badu) in an urban jail with windows over the street offers conversation and advice to a troubled young boy; years later, as an artist living in Paris, he begins to discover who he really is and returns to his home to reconcile with his family and friends. Chris Bingham was key makeup artist; Matthew W. Mungle (W.M. Creations inc) was credited for prosthetic ageing (Robin Williams) but I am not sure if he also worked on Erykah – if anyone can clarify, please email themakeupgallery.

Deep in My Heart: A young black woman who had been adopted by white parents has to find her birth mother when she is diagnosed with a severe medical condition. Her search leads takes back to Corrine Burrell (Lynn Whitfield), the foster mother who cared for her before she was adopted. Gordon Smith (FXSmith) was responsible for Lynn Whitfield’s ageing makeup.

Decoration Day: Ruby Dee appears in old-age makeup as Rowena in this TV movie. You can compare her aged look here with her other aged roles in Having Our Say and The Stand. Barney Burman did the makeup using old age stipple and pax washes only.