updated: 21/06/2005

old-age: Having Our Say …

In Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years two African-American sisters tell their story to a New York Times Reporter. Aged 101 and 103 they were the daughters of the first African-American Episcopal bishop, who had himself been born a slave. In their different ways both had achieved notable firsts in their careers: Sadie (Diahann Carroll) as a teacher and Bessie (Ruby Dee) as a dentist.

I am grateful to Mark Garbarino (Diahann Carroll’s makeup artist) for these images. Other members of the makeup department on this TV movie included: Herita Jones, key makeup artist; Sandra S Orsolyak, makeup and effects. David LeRoy Anderson is not credited at IMDb but includes ‘design and creation of 102-year-old prosthetic makeups for Diahann Carroll and Ruby Dee’ in his resumé.

There used to be an interesting interview with Mark on the VFXpro website but it no longer exists: if anyone has the text, please email themakeupgallery.