old-age makeups: Neill Gorton at IMATS 2008

Neill Gorton demo at IMATS (2008)

Neill Gorton is the proprietor of MillenniumFX (Doctor Who etc) and of the Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio. He is a strong supporter of the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) and his annual prosthetic makeup demonstrations at IMATS London always attract a full house.

In a highlight demonstration on the Saturday at IMATS UK 2008 Neill and Rob Mayer transformed blue-eyed blonde Karen Spencer into an elderly Chinese woman; on the Sunday she was transformed into a Native-American chief on the MillenniumFX stand.

She was also his model in 2009 when she was transformed into a middle-aged air hostess.

The makeup

Neill and Rob Meyer used prosthetic makeup, dentures and contact lenses to transform one of the makeup artists at MillenniumFX – blue-eyed blonde Karen Spencer – into an elderly Chineses woman.

I’m sure Neill would want me to point out that magnificient as it is this is a demonstration makeup performed against the clock while delivering a running commentary to a live audience. As such it should not be taken as an indication of the quality of his movie work.