old-age: Stargate Atlantis ‘Before I Sleep’

Stargate: Atlantis: ‘Before I Sleep’

In the Stargate: Atlantis episode ‘Before I Sleep’ the Stargate team find a very old woman in suspended animation in Atlantis: they are shocked to learn that she is Dr Elizabeth Weir (Torri Higginson) from an alternative timeline.

Elizabeth learns that when her expedition from Earth originally arrived in Atlantis most of them were killed flooded when the shield failed while Atlantis was still underwater. The survivors escaped on a time ship 10,000 years into the past where she met the original Ancients.

The stasis chamber which she entered in the past slows the metabolic rate, but it does not stop it entirely – hence she emerged aged after her 10,000 years in stasis.

Fellow cast member Gildart Jackson said:

Torri was fantastic … she had a whole ordeal to go through before we did anything together. She was getting up at two in the morning to do four hours of makeup before the day started. She not only had to do the Ancient scenes, which were the ones I was in, but she had to do the scenes with Dr Weir in the current time dealing with the old Dr Weir. So she had a lot of work to do.

The makeup

Todd Masters (MastersFX) was responsible for the prosthetic makeup on the show.

Leah Ehman was makeup department head.