old-age makeups: Back to the Future movies

Old-age makeups: The Back to the Future movies

Lea Thompson played Lorraine McFly (nee Baines) in both Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. In the first movie she played a young Lorraine in the 1955 and underwent a prosthetic makeup application to play two quite different present-day (1985) middle-aged Lorraines: one care-worn and gone-to-seed, the other happy and fit. In the second movie of the trilogy she again appeared as two different characters: the surgically-enhanced middle-aged Lorraine unhappily married to Biff in an alternative present and grandma Lorraine in a possible future. She also featured briefly in Back to the Future Part III as both as a young Maggie McFly in the 1880s and as the present-day happy middle-aged Lorraine. Lea Thompson is only ten days older than Michael J Fox who played her son in the trilogy.

Elizabeth Shue replaced Claudia Wells as Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer in Part II but had equally little to do. Apart from momentary eye-rolling at the beginning she slept through most of the film, waking up only briefly for the her big moment – fainting when her older and younger selves met each other (each recoiling into a  dead-faint in shock-horror at the sight of the other’s wig) from which she awoke only at the end of Part III.

Ken Chase created the makeup for both Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. Michael Mills & Kenny Myers were credited for makeup application for Part II and as the key makeup artists for Part III.