updated: 03/12/2008

old-age: Hex

Hex had aspirations to be the British Buffy (but cheaper, much cheaper). Despite a fairly weak first season it got renewed for a second stronger season. Ella Dee (Laura Pyper) is one of the new characters and is described by Laura as: ‘a time-travelling witch … She’s here to fight the forces of evil … She’s very fiesty.’

Ella is seen, fairly briefly, showing her true age. Laura described the experience in an interview:

The ageing makeup took about four hours to put on and it was pretty weird. I wore it for about five days overall and while it was fun I was always glad to get it off. Jemima Rooper used to make me do silly dances, so I was a bit of a dancing granny!

Emma Scott was makeup designer and Peta Dunstall was makeup supervisor on the series. Millennium FX provided both monsters and prosthetics for both series (the budget constraints showed more in the scarcity of monsters than their quality): Neill Gorton was credited for special makeup design; Stuart Bray and Martin Rezard were the Millenium FX supervisors.

I’m grateful to Martin Rezard for the use of four of these images – the makeup shows up much better in the stills than it did on screen – and these notes on the makeup:

This is a gelatine and silicone makeup, the neck and cheeks was a one piece platgel,
the others are gelatine pieces, forehead, nose and upper lip, lower lip, ear lobes, eyebags. The hands were silicone pieces made by Tristan Versuis who also helped me a lot on the application. All the face pieces were prepainted by Henrik Svensson.