old-age: Krull


A prince and a fellowship of companions set out to rescue his bride from a fortress of alien invaders who have arrived on their home planet.

On the way Ynyr tells the others that he needs to seek the advice of an old woman, the Widow of the Web (Francesca Annis), who can also see into the future but is trapped in the Lair of the Crystal Spider.

Ynyr enters the Widow’s cave which contains a giant spider web. He is immediately pursued by the Widow’s guardian, a large white spider. He calls out the Widow’s name, Lyssa, and the Widow turns over an hourglass, stopping the spider until Ynyr can enter her chamber at the center of the web.

Ynyr and the Widow have a history of unrequited love and the Widow reveals that she is trapped forever in the web because she killed the newborn son that resulted from their romance. She agrees to help Ynyr and tells him that the Black Fortress where will appear the next day.

For Ynyr to escape the web alive, she gives Ynyr the sand from her hourglass. But she also warns him warns him that his own life will run out when all the sand has run out from between his fingers.

As Ynyr leaves the cave he sees the spider destroying the Widow’s chamber.

The makeup

Nick Maley was the special makeup designer; Alan Boyle was the makeup artist.

The special makeup unit for the movie included: Beryl Lerman, Bob Keen, Nick Dudman, Nick Forder, Richard Padbury, Stuart Robinson, Magdalen Gaffney, & Christine Allsopp; David White worked on the movie as a makeup trainee. I have no information on which artist worked on which makeup from the movie.

Nick Maley said that the Widow’s makeup application took over six hours and involved some twenty-two prosthetic appliances (her hands had separate prosthetics for each finger and for the back of the hand). He has posted a video about the making of the movie on YouTube.