updated: 28/11/2005

old-age: The Spring

This was a TV movie Lost Horizon with a twist. Molly Lovell (Deni DeLory) was prepared to pay the price of leaving but looked as if she was having regrets when she examined herself in the motel-room mirror.

Leanne Rae Podavin emailed me to clarify the makeup credits:

The last stage ageing make-up on Deni in The Spring was applied and painted by Leanne Rae Podavin and Jayne Dancose. Stacey Butterworth supplied the wig and WCT designed and fabricated the gelatine pieces. She has latex stretch n’ stipple around her mouth and eyes. The eyebrows were hand laid by Leanne Rae Podavin. She also had milky-white contact lenses in.

I am grateful to Bill Terezakis (WCT Productions) for allowing me to use WCT stills of the third stage of Molly’s ageing.