old-age: Vamps


In Manhattan, the vampires Goody (Alicia Silverstone) and Stacy (Krysten Ritter) share an apartment and work and study in the night-shift. Goody was turned into a vampire in 1840 by the evil Cisserus (Sigourney Weaver), who also turned Stacy in the 1990s.

The two have become best friends but Goody has never told her real age to her friend. They only drink mice blood and refuse to drink human blood, and regularly attend Vampires Anonymous.

Goody meets Danny, her former lover from the 1970s, in the hospital where his wife is terminally ill. Meanwhile Stacy falls in love with her classmate Joey but his father is the famous vampire slayer Dr Van Helsing. Stacy tries to disguise her undead nature but fortunately Van Helsing is more interested in Ciccerus.

When Stacy gets pregnant, Goody knows that the only way that the child can survive is by killing Cisserus. But there are two problems: nobody knows where Cisserus’s lair is; and if they kill her Goody and Stacy would not only become human again but would revert to their real human ages.

When Goody starts to age she wants to spend her final moments in Times Square.

The makeup

Kimberly Jones was the makeup department head; Bree Shea was the key makeup artist; Mary Burton was the personal makeup artist for Alicia Silverstone; Dan Rebert (MastersFX) was the special effects makeup supervisor; Jason James was the dental technician.