Old-age: Absolutely Fabulous ‘Menopause’

Absolutely Fabulous ‘Menopause’

In the fourth season episode ‘Menopause’ of Absolutely Fabulous Saffy had a nightmarish vision of a possible future – Eddy and Patsy growing old even more disgracefully.

The makeup

Jan Sewell was the makeup & hair designer but Sherman Labs were responsible for creating the old-age makeups in both this and the earlier episode.

As this was Saffy’s fantasy the makeup was heavier and deliberately caricatured and cartoonish compared with the scene in the third season episode ‘The End’ where we saw Patsy and Eddy twenty-five years older.

FangsFX provided the prosthetic dentures. I particularly liked the teeth: Eddy’s ageing and discoloured while Patsy had a set of gleaming – albeit lipstick smeared – but badly fitting dentures.