the chameleons: Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson

Miranda Richardson is an British stage, film and television actress. She has been nominated for two Academy Awards, and has won two Golden Globes (with seven nominations) and a BAFTA (with seven nominations) so far during her career.

She made her film debut playing Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in the UK, in t Dance With a Stranger in 1985. That performance and her comedic Queen Elizabeth I, aka Queenie, in the British television comedy Blackadder II established her reputation.

Following Dance with a Stranger, she was offered and turned down numerous parts in which her character was unstable, including the Glenn Close role in Fatal Attraction.

Since then she played a wide variety of contemporary, period and fantasy roles encompassing both dramatic and comeic performances.

In 2014 she will be seen in Maleficent as a fairy queen who is Maleficent’s aunt.

The characters

World Without End (2012): In this period mini-series she played Mother Cecilia, a nun at the time of the Black Death.

Made in Dagenham (2009): In this movie she played British politician Barbara Castle.

The Young Victoria (2009): In this movie she played the Duchess of Sutherland, Queen Victoria’s mother.

Southland Tales (2007): In this movie she played Nana Mae Van Adler-Frost.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2006): She played Rita Skeeter, an unscrupulous journalist for The Daily Prophet.

Wah-Wah (2006): She played Lauren in this movie set during the last days of the British Empire in Africa in 1960s.

Gideon’s Daughter (2006): She played bereaved mother Stella in this TV drama by Stephen Poliakoff.

The Phantom of the Opera (2004): She played Madame Giry in the film adaptation.

Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004): She played Eva Braun in this parody.

The Rage in Placid Lake (2003): She played Sylvia Lake.

The Lost Prince (2003). She played Queen Mary in this itelevision drama about the life of Prince John – the epileptic youngest child of Britain's King George V and Queen Mary – who died at the age of thirteen in 1919.

Spider (2002): She played three roles in this David Cronenberg movie: Spider’s mother, Yvonne and a fantasy Mrs Wilkingson.

The Hours (2002): She played Virginia Woolf’s sister Vanessa Bell.

Snow White (2001): In this TV movie she played the hideous sorceress Elspeth who becomes Snow White’s step-mother after being transformed into a beautiful woman.

Blackadder: Back & Forth (2000): She reprised the role of Queen Elizabeth I for the millennium special.

Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999): She played Miss Fowl in this children’s fantasy.

Alice in Wonderland (1999): She played both the Queen of Hearts and a Society Woman in this TV version.

Merlin (1998): She played both Queen Mab and the Lady of the Lake.

Kansas City (1996): In this Robert Altman movie she played the laudanum-addicted Mrs Stilton.

Tom & Viv (1994): She played Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot, the first wife of TS Eliot.

The Crying Game (1992). She played Jude, an IRA volunteer.

True Adventures of Christopher Columbus (1992): She played Queen Isabella in this TV comedy.

Blackadder II (1986): She played the childish Queen Elizabeth I, aka Queenie, in this classic TV comedy.

Dance with a Stranger (1985): She played Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.