updated: 16/11/2006

obese makeups: Adam & Steve

In a flashback to a nightclub in the late 1980s, Rhonda (Parker Posey) is seen as a 300lb goth; flash forward to today and Rhonda is a jaded, skinny stand-up comic who is still doing fat jokes as if she’s fat because she doesn’t want to write new material – and she still laughs at her own bad jokes.

Craig Chester, the director, said: ‘The first time I saw Parker [in the fat suit and prosthetics], it was disturbing. She looked like Carnie Wilson before the stomach staple.’ Parker Posey reportedly found the prosthetics and fat-suit ‘hell’ to deal with. The fat Rhonda is only seen in one dimly-lit nightclub scene with no close-ups, and I think it was probably budgeted accordingly.

Fiona Distefano was key makeup artist; Scott Ramp was responsible for special effects makeup.